4iBIO is a medical device company in the early stages of commercializing the ZiNIT implant; the biomimetic, alloplastic meniscus. ZiNIT is a personalized, 3D printed, surgically placed "cap" design that protects and promotes healing in arthritic joints. It is designed to mimic the function of a natural meniscus and is suitable for use in all moving joints including small (extremities), large (TMJ, hip, knee, shoulder) and veterinary (canine hip) ones damaged by arthritis. ZiNIT is an early, minimally invasive, non-destructive, reversible treatment option without peers.

Healthcare IT is a significant component of the disruptive ZiNIT project enabling rapid fabrication and delivery of a customized implant. Secure patient data transfer, CAD/CAM manipulation for 3D printing and logistics are the engines of this disruptive design. 

The new paradigm for surgical Orthopedic care: protect, don’t replace.